Team Building Experience
(Half or full day options)


It may not be immediately apparent to you right now how horses can assist in the process of a Team Building Experience for your employees.

Through a range of co-operation, communication and shares purpose activities, our equine-assisted facilitators, will show you how.


Because Team Building should not be just about a shared experience. It should be a combination of Professional Development and Shared Experiences. That can and have been known to last years. 


• Increased creativity and problem solving skills

• Improved retention and engagement

• More flexible and collaborative work practices

• Resilient and engaged teams

Groups minimum 6 to maximum of 12

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Pat & Chat: 2hr Visit.
Our mini-horse will visit your employees at their desks!

Lucy, the miniature horse, will come to your workplace for a 'Pat & Chat' session. 


She gets loads of cuddles, appears in thousands of selfies and she always finds all the apples in the office!

She is a little bit of magic in what would otherwise be a normal day at work, and is a talking point for many conversations long after we leave.


Lucy goes anywhere that is wheelchair accessible, including in lifts, and can manage a few stairs as well!


• Improved communication in the workplace.

• A unique shared experience.

• Many, many smiles!

Price on application. 

Stable Leaders:
2 Day Program
10:00am - 3:00pm


Align thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and patterns to enhance problem solving skills, and improve your influence over others and self.


• Tools for building and leading highly-effective teams.

• Improved communication skills.

• Greater self-awareness of leadership style.

• Insights into working with and influencing others.

FREE Workplace Training Info Session - we come to you!

If your workplace is interested in learning more about our workplace training programs, get in touch with us for an initial conversation and we will arrange a presentation for a group of your colleagues to show you what we do (we may even bring a pony to the meeting).

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Phone Deb: +61 418 959 558

No cost but subject to availability.